Radus has supported its clients with the development of pragmatic, executable IT Strategies and accompanying actionable roadmaps. Radus believes that creating organizational strategies requires several key components –

  • An understanding of the current architecture and environment
  • Business-driven requirements to determine how best to evolve the capabilities
  • Leadership goals, objectives, and priorities

Using these core components, Radus has helped our clients develop actionable IT strategies that define how an IT portfolio can be transformed to better support changing business needs and leadership priorities. Our Strategy support covers numerous architectural and operational areas including; data, processes, systems and applications, and the technology that supports and enables the enterprise.

Complementary to the IT Strategy is a dynamic Sequencing Plan or Roadmap, which provides detailed steps as to which aspects of transformation should be undertaken and in what order, what can be handled sequentially or in parallel, and where dependencies exist within the efforts. The Roadmap and the associated analysis is critical in ensuring that an enterprise is able to experience early successes while appropriately investing in longer-term strategies that may be more complex and interdependent.

Radus has come to appreciate that these efforts are often very dynamic – priorities will need to be re-factored, efforts may need to be added, fast-tracked, or otherwise reshaped as organizational and political forces redefine needs and delivery.  Radus is prepared to support and address the re-planning that is necessitated by these efforts, and to ensure that the needs of the customer and the ability to meet the core business objectives do not suffer.

The breadth of skills and expertise that Radus offers creates a maturity and insight into planning, execution, and delivery balanced with pragmatism and insight that is borne out of experience and lessons learned that can help ensure success for our clients and partners.

We offer the following Strategic Planning services:

Enterprise Architecture

Radus Consultants define “Enterprise Architecture” as the process of business planning driven by various needs of the enterprise including the:

  • Strategic Plan
  • Need for tools that provide the business with greater flexibility and agility
  • Tighter financial management, and
  • Need for new products and services

The Architecture Process

Our consultants begin with our Client’s Mission Statement, their business vision and goals. Our consultants work with our clients to map the “As is” architecture in order to document the current processes, data, applications and security methodology for the enterprise. This mapping provides clients with a baseline of their Current State architectural artifacts.

Using the results of this mapping, in combination with Radus-developed custom workshops, our consultants are able to define a “Target” architecture for the enterprise that directly aligns to the goals outlined by senior management and in the Mission Statement.

Radus is committed to helping our clients to not just meet, but exceed their goals. Our consultants use several analysis strategies including PEST (Political, Economic, Social and Technological), SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat), and Value chain and Value Stream methodologies, to model the enterprise for both the “As is” and “Target” views. For larger organizations, Segment level architectures are developed to permit the development of detailed capability architectures.

The next step is to develop a sequencing plan to get the enterprise to the target state.  Our sequencing plan includes very detailed Communication and Outreach plans, performance measures and KPI’s to help mature the architecture.

Systems Modernization and Process Re-engineering

As legacy IT systems have matured over the past 2 decades, new technologies have emerged which systematically causes issues with data quality and an increased spend to maintain support. Radus understands that systems are truly effective only when they mirror an effective business process. Our consultants will work with management and functional experts to identify core capabilities and processes.

Radus has extensive experience modeling business processes and converting into automated solutions. Our team has a proven methodology to evaluate technology solutions against required capabilities and provide quantifiable recommendations against COTS and Custom development. From here, the Radus IT Lifecycle and SDLC can be implemented.

Application Rationalization

Our consultants are trained to understand how platforms and tools are linked to an organization’s current and future business goals. Our data driven strategic planning and roadmap are intrinsically linked to the systems required to meet these goals. As part of the IT strategy, Radus focuses on how the systems support critical decisions and insights, and will develop the approach to maximize the IT portfolio.

Performance Measurement

At Radus, our performance measurement service, we work with our clients to identify tools and develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that help our clients provide a precise view of their enterprise performance.

Radus works with our clients to deliver a comprehensive view of the enterprise overall performance results. Our consultants help develop time-weighted performance results from top-level data down to the lowest levels of granularity and support our client’s strategic investment decisions, by providing them insight into detailed performance information. For more information, see our Data Services page.

OMB / Compliance Reporting

Compliance reporting, by nature, is a required task. Radus approaches compliance reporting strategically to identify the linkages with other KPIs and business drivers already established. Why re-invent the wheel?  Our consultants identify opportunities to consolidate existing data calls or expand compliance initiated data calls to maximize ROI.

Radus has significant experience in data analytics across a variety of tools. Our consultants can integrate with existing tools or develop custom reporting dashboards.

For OMB, we have supported the development of Enterprise Roadmaps and Information Resources Management (IRM) Strategic Plans.

Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC)

Our consultants also support Federal agencies with their CPIC Programs using a structured, integrated approach to managing their investments.  This approach ensures that all investments align with the agencies’ mission and support the business needs while minimizing risks and maximizing returns throughout the investment’s lifecycle. Our consultants rely on a systematic approach to investment management in four distinct phases:

  • Pre-Select – to identify opportunities for shared services, category mapping, and strategic acquisitions
  • Select – to facilitate the acquisition and portfolio planning process
  • Control – to monitor the investment’s performance
  • On-going evaluation – to ensure that each investment’s objectives actually does support the business and mission needs of the Agency