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Radus shapes the success of our clients by helping them refine their blend of strategic planning and execution. Our consultants are experts in the engineering and implementation of enterprise and team level transformations, developing strategic plans, crafting enterprise architectures, and managing portfolios and programs. Radus’ consultants also help our clients discover profitable and mission-enhancing linkages between strategic planning activities and the competitive intelligence that results from developing metrics that help them stay optimized as an enterprise.

Radus understands very well that there are literally hundreds of small to medium sized businesses that offer IT services to the US Federal Government and commercial enterprises nationwide.  As such, Radus made the business decision to augment its services portfolio by engineering/designing and offering value added software as a means to differentiate itself from a great many of these small businesses.

Three of the software based solution offerings are listed below.

Metronome Orchestrated Agile

Our scalable, comprehensive and intuitive platform- Metronome makes the adoption of the Scaled Agile Framework [‘SAFe’] easier for organizations of all sizes, from small to large. Metronome encourages and facilitates better alignment, resulting in increased organizational output and quality through a highly-coordinated environment. Our platform helps transformational organizations gain increased transparency to enable enhanced visibility and monitoring during virtually every step of their transformation process.  Metronome orchestrates immediate changes using the scaled agile process, resulting in significant cost savings. No matter what the business goal is—whether to reduce costs, or to bring innovative solutions to market- Metronome:Orchestrated Agile enables increased collaboration and visibility to all of the stakeholders.  The result is an increased ability for all stakeholders to hold each other accountable for their respective deliverables.


  • Enables one scalable approach that combines your business processes and the SAFe® agile process into a comprehensive intuitive platform.
  • Is a simple, centralized management tool that aligns your business strategies into the SAFe® agile process to improve planning.
  • Facilitates enhanced visibility that provides a comprehensive view throughout the organization.
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Metronome Collaborative Suite

Concept λ is our cloud-hosted PaaS, based on a “λ-calculus of concepts”. Metronome Collaborative Suite Concept radically reduces the effort of building enterprise applications.

The applications we build are typically modeled as a web of “concepts” that executes on the Metronome Suite platform. The platform is built on a micro-services architecture using NodeJS and Java. It runs on the cloud and leverages horizontally-scalable open-source Big Data platforms including Apache Cassandra, Elastic Search and Hazelcast.

What makes our platform more innovative is not just its technology stack, but its underlying theory, called the concept model. The concept model offers a mathematically rigorous way to express human-understandable concepts as machine-executable code.

The inspiration for the concept model comes from λ-calculus developed by Alonzo Church and early works in symbolic and intuitionistic (aka constructive) logic such as Frege’s Begriffsschrift (German for concept-script). The concept model differs from traditional computing paradigms like the Turing machine and Boolean algebra that rely on set theory and the law of excluded middle. We believe that the concept model offers an easier and more intuitive approach to software development by letting the programmer construct the application one concept at a time.

We built the lambdazen platform to address the key pain-point that every software project faces: the increasing difficulty of maintenance as the code grows in size.

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*Scaled Agile Framework and SAFe® are Trademarks of Scaled Agile, Inc.