Radus shapes the success of our clients by helping them refine their blend of strategic planning and execution. Our consultants are experts in the arts of developing strategic plans, crafting enterprise architectures, and managing portfolios and programs. Radus’ consultants also help our clients discover profitable linkages between strategic planning activities and the competitive intelligence that results from developing metrics that help them stay optimized as an enterprise.

Our services are interrelated so that we can provide our customers with the full depth and breadth of capabilities to meet their evolving needs. We look at processes, systems, people and culture and apply our data driven methodology to solve real world problems.

The Radus Strategic Planning service offering helps establish an effective process and governance structure that aligns IT investment decisions with the business goals. These IT investment decisions can be prioritized based on the infrastructure, current workload and spending patterns.

The resulting portfolio of investments can be managed together as programs to maximize positive business results or can be managed individually as projects. Radus’ comprehensive Project and Program Management service offering incorporates methodologies, best practices, and tools that help organizations develop and institutionalize standardized processes and reporting.

Radus brings all the necessary aspects of planning, designing, developing and implementing IT applications and projects from our extensive experience over many years of managing projects. Our Consultants are well trained in the entire IT Lifecycle process and this greatly improves the productivity and quality of the services and products we provide and develop.

Further, our team provides a full-range of capabilities, from strategic positioning of Data Services in an organization, to implementation of data management and Business Intelligence infrastructure. This approach is in contrast to other firms who might provide services in an organization to introduce a reporting solution via a BI tool, but fail to develop a corresponding strategy that raises the information governance maturity throughout the enterprise.