What sets Radus apart?

What truly sets Radus apart from the literally hundreds of small IT software and solutions firms that sell and deliver services and software to the Federal Government and commercial firms are Our People. Radus prides ourselves on hiring and developing very technically talented people, but what we are most proud of is our ability to attract and retain people with extremely high integrity and morals. Our Leadership Team is included below.

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Raj, CEO

Raj Sankavaram is the CEO of Radus Software. Raj has successfully led Radus to becoming one of the premier providers of Project, Program Management and Business Intelligence solutions to both Federal and Commercial clients. Raj is an effective communicator offering solid interpersonal skills to lead complex discussions, facilitate knowledge-sharing and build consensus. She is a results-centric manager accomplished in championing organizational change, maximizing project efficiencies and optimizing the performance of teams.

Sudi, Partner

Sudi Sankavaram is a Partner at Radus, with the responsibility of managing the “Information Governance and Business Intelligence” practice.  Sudi is an accomplished and results-driven professional, with 25 years of diverse technical experience and proven leadership in designing and delivering data driven business solutions that improve productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction. He strives to give clients high value solutions that can be implemented quickly, incrementally and without significant risk.

Bill, VP Business Development

Bill is a successful and results-driven professional, with over 25 years of diverse sales, business development, training, coaching, performance consulting and workforce planning experience.  Over these decades of public sector and commercial service, Bill has developed successful teams and created winning relationships with customers and partners resulting in the closing of business in excess of $200M.   His focus for success is to always strive to be a Servant Leader, using emotional intelligence and proven Situational Leadership principles to assess and develop other leaders.  He strives to give clients high value solutions that can be implemented quickly, incrementally and without significant risk.

Chris , Chief Architect

Chris is a Chief Architect with over 20 years of experience in Information Technology of full-cycle-software-application-system development and management, with DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP), Risk Management Framework and/or NIST 800-53 compliance requirements as guideline, and privacy act and HIPPA for PII and PHI data security. His extensive experience with Federal government covers SOCOM, NSW WARCOM, US ARMY, US Library of Congress, VA and DHHS

Sridhar, CTO

Sridhar is a technology entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in executive and leadership roles. He designed the LambdaZen platform based on a new calculus of concepts. He leads a global team that develops enterprise cloud applications on the LambdaZen platform. He has received the FOCS Test of Time Award for introducing Cache Oblivious Algorithms and holds a US Patent #762144; Method and apparatus for routing data in an automatic identification system. He also Co-authored the EPCIS and ALE standards as part of GS1 EPC Global initiative.

Working at Radus

Radus Culture

Radus is committed to providing an exciting and engaging work environment for its employees.
We differentiate ourselves by offering our employees the opportunities to challenge themselves by actively helping to design new ideas and products.
By providing our employees the ability to unleash their creative potential. We firmly believe in helping them achieve the highest degrees of satisfaction with their jobs, and ultimately their life.


We are a company that always takes into account our employee’s perspectives. We strive to offer the best benefits in the industry. We provide competitive compensation and benefits including health insurance coverage, dental and vision care, 401(k), paid time off, as well as support for continuous education and training.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are integral with how we approach the business and how we invest in our people.   We believe in the ‘Three Legged Stool’ that all businesses have three main components that determine and dictate how successful they become:

  • People
  • Customers and
  • Finances/Revenue

Radus has always believed that the most important one of these components is taking care of our People.  We ‘DO’ take care of our people and the proof of this is our incredibly low attrition rate.  Radus believe in the principal that if you take care of your people, they will remain loyal to you.  Investing in your people makes them increasingly more capable and proficient and these competencies enable them to serve our customers in superior ways.  By serving our customers and exceeding their expectations, we can retain customers loyalty and contracts and expand our business, enabling us to grow our Finances/revenues.  

Besides taking care of our People, our other Core Values included:

  • Integrity.  Always
  • Honesty in all of our relationships and business dealings.  Always.
  • Having FUN.  We firmly believe that worklife balance is not something that people should talk about.  Worklife balance is something that we ‘practice’ and ‘do’.  This starts with leadership, so our first tier managers and individual contributors can see Radus leadership ‘walking the walk’ relative to making time for vacations, personal development, and volunteer work in the community or other areas of personal interest.

Volunteer Work

Radus believes in giving of our time and revenue to services that serve our community.  Some of the Shelters we work/volunteer with include: