Data is the engine that drives critical enterprise decisions. Incomplete, inconsistent, and duplicate data resulting from the lack of data management processes and governance result in incorrect information and hence loss of competitive excellence and decision making capabilities.

Our Data and Information Services follow a set of experience based, optimized processes and a centralized governance structure to ensure rapid improvement of quality and governance for both an enterprise’s data and information, while providing scalability, flexibility, and standardized service delivery.

Our approach helps enterprises achieve significant and sustained business outcomes by leveraging our data domain expertise, Subject matter expertise in analytics and insights, supported by our own high performance Analytics Platform.

The Radus team provides data control reviews and improvement analysis specific to regulatory requirements as well as industry best practice for all manner of privacy and related sensitive data throughout its lifecycle. Our approach blends business, operations, risk management, and audit expertise in a team lead by proven subject matter experts (SMEs).

We review and addresses data controls throughout its lifecycle from production and sourcing through reporting, archive, and destruction. Our “Data Controls” Analysis Methods leverage our Blackbelt Certified expertise in implementing published intellectual property “The Data & Analytics Governance Playbook”, published by Morgan Kaufman in 2016. We routinely provide these services to Systemically Important Commercial enterprise and cabinet-level federal agencies and regulators

We offer the following Master Data Management services:

Data Management

Information Management

Data Management

Data Management is the process of dealing with or controlling all aspects of data. Thus, by definition, this process includes sub-processes for governing, cleansing and re-formatting data to convert it to a consumable form.

Data Governance

Data governance is the proactive management of data and information assets to enhance mission performance. Our similarly named service focuses on enabling enterprises govern their data i.e. How it is defined specifies what it means, where it should come from, who wants it, who can have it and when, who can change it and when, and who absolutely shouldn’t have it.

The Radus Data Governance service ensures that these data-focused questions are asked at the appropriate times and answered by the “right” people. The “right” people are those who have a thorough understanding of the data, the laws and policies that drive the data, and the enterprise use and purpose for the data. They are the people who should be authorized and accountable to provide the answers from an enterprise-wide, not a parochial, perspective.

Data governance requires that enterprise-wide data policies, data standards, data processes, and data responsibilities be developed to provide direction to participating organizations managing enterprise data assets. Radus consultants help enterprises develop this process using a mature “stewardship” based approach.

Data Architecture

Think of data as rich mineral ores that are found naturally. They are and represent no inherent value – unless they are processed and manufactured. Having a mature data architecture is like the manufacturing, i.e., it is the infrastructure that helps convert raw data into a valuable information.  Radus Data Architecture Service professionals help clients turn raw data into valuable information.

Our areas of Data Architecture support include:

  • Data Infrastructure Management
  • Data Quality Management – to create high quality information
  • Metadata management – to clearly define all data elements and rules associated with them at a operational level
  • Master data management – to identify and manage unique and critical data sets associated with the enterprise e.g. customer data
  • Data Integration Management – to be able to combine information from different domains and sources on all levels of aggregation through a common set of hierarchies

Data Science

Newer technologies are generating increasingly larger volumes of data at an explosive pace.  Data science is the art of organizing and making sense of this avalanche of data by identifying patterns and regularities in data.

Radus delivers data science as a service. With this service, we allow clients to get to know and predict our customers’ needs with great precision. Radus has several highly qualified data scientists among its staff, who have developed custom algorithms to identify patterns in streaming data. Radus also is an exclusive partner with Adaptive Real Time Analytics (ARTA) tool vendor to automate the process by using machine learning. The result is the ability to engage at scale in an informed way with your customer, creating a much higher level of service that customers appreciate.

Information Management

Information Governance

Information can be defined as the structuring of data to help affect behavior and outcome.  Information help enterprise in making intelligence decisions. Some examples of information governance work are setting up a stewardship model to help define uniquely business taxonomy for the enterprise. Other aspects of governance include usage rules, valuation etc.

The Radus Information Governance Framework includes business rules that help in the creation of information from data, processes that help develop metrics that ensure proper use of information by an enterprise. Radus consultants have been helping clients create the framework that governs all aspects of information. Radus has developed its own customizable framework and a set of workshops that help its consultants work with our clients in building a strong information governance framework.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is what organization uses to track, understand, and manage business operations and enterprise performance. BI is primarily obtained using data, business rules, and the user interface of reporting tools.

At Radus, we take BI a step further. We believe that BI is better achieved if the creators of intelligence are aware of the underlying business process. We couple our BI developers with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to help link BI with the operational business processes. This approach ensures that information and intelligence are available to more people where and how they work. Resulting in process optimization, better visibility into daily operations, and faster and higher overall return on information and investment.

Our areas of BI support include:

  • BI strategy formulation
  • BI tools support (Dashboarding, SharePoint, Tableau, custom)
  • Data Warehouse development
  • Development of Business Intelligence competence center [BICC]), staffed by both IT and business representatives
  • Developing operation intelligence i.e., linking business intelligence to enterprise business process to optimize the functioning of the enterprise
  • Education and training of business users and management about the BI’s potential beyond reporting, in particular the combination with analysis and planning

Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics is the science of providing enterprise with right tools to measure   performance thus helping make business decisions. At Radus, our performance measurement service, we work with our clients to identify tools and develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that help our clients provide a precise view of their enterprise performance.

Radus works with our clients to deliver a comprehensive view of the enterprise overall performance results. Our consultants help develop time-weighted performance results from top-level data down to the lowest levels of granularity and support our client’s strategic investment decisions, by providing them insight into detailed performance information.

We also help create valuable predictive analytics using the ARTA product from our sister company to complement the performance results.