As a leader in project management consulting, Radus is one of the preeminent niche providers that clients seek out when they are looking to implement business-enhancing, agile Project Management Office (PMO) services that improve project and program performance. Our services include a variety of frameworks, such as PMI, Agile, and SAFe.

Radus assesses your current portfolio of projects and associated processes and, in collaboration with you, identifies the appropriate level of project management discipline for your organization. We will apply our best-in-class Project and Program Management Maturity Model to identify process gaps between your organization’s current state and desired future state. Finally, we provide a custom roadmap for improvements, and work with you to develop an actionable and realistic implementation plan.

Radus can develop program and project management methodologies and processes to meet your organization’s needs by taking into account the size of the project portfolio, complexity and duration of projects/programs, and the current operational model. It’s important to have the right level of process, associated with the appropriate artifacts and tools, to enable your project teams to deliver. Our expert consultants have decades of expertise and come equipped with best-in-class tools, forms, and templates. We have found over our years of experience that one of the key to success is to have the right level of process to maintain control and deliver projects in an efficient manner.

Project Program Management Maturity Model

Radus brings all the necessary aspects of planning, designing, developing and implementing applications and projects from our extensive experience over many years of managing projects. Our methodologies and technical approaches not only adopt industry standard practices, but extend them with best practices developed from experience. All Radus consultants are well trained in the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and this greatly improves the productivity and quality of the services and products we deliver.

Radus Adopts a 5 step Maturity Model

Step 1: (Adhoc) No tools are being adopted, all resources and processes are centered around critical projects only. The Radus approach will set up a common Project Management language.

Step 2: (Defined) Radus helps define common Project Management practices, processes and standards.

Step 3: (Consistent) Radus helps to ensure formal processes, procedures and practices are adopted and followed across all the projects for our client.

Setp 4: (Measured) Radus helps to ensure all projects and processes are measured against established metrics. Our vast experience in Data Services supports the identification of meaningful performance metric.

Step 5: (Established) The Radus Center of Excellence approach to Software Development ensures that best practices and lessons learned are promulgated through to other projects and ensuring the best results for our client.