What is CobraVision™?

Our product is named after one of the most feared and revered snakes on the planet: the King Cobra.  A cobra’s actual eyesight is quite poor, but this animal has evolved into a highly effective hunter by acquiring special powers.  One of the most distinct characteristics of the cobra is their formidable and enhanced way of detecting prey within a three hundred foot radius:  through their unique sensitivity to infrared heat, which acts like night vision goggles.  Like the Cobra, we have trained our AI models to enhance the vision of your construction site to detect issues and help avert potential disaster from occurring. 

CobraVision™ is our AI platform that is trained to interpret and understand the safety needs of the utilities world. From scanning live videos and stationary worksite cameras, to analyzing live drone footages:  CobraVision™ identifies, classifies, and reacts to these streaming videos–ultimately providing you with the knowledge of your employee’s basic safety, and drastically improving the efficiency of your projects.  

Why CobraVision™?

The main focus of  CobraVision™ is to ensure safety of all participants involved in your construction project. Our team members have found with our vast experience working with construction companies that there are several hazardous conditions in construction sites that can easily be avoided. Construction sites are inherently dangerous; and according to OSHA, the leading causes of private sector deaths-in the construction industry are falls from faulty equipment, being struck by an object, and getting stuck in a faulty or dangerous spot in the construction site.

CobraVision™ can prevent these accidental and heartbreaking, but avoidable deaths from happening with real-time cameras and drones that funnel footage back to the managers of the construction site; every single detail is analyzed by CobraVision™. Whether it is the lack of a hard hat or a faulty step, our software gives managers insights into how to improve and identify a safety violation. Furthermore, CobraVision™ provides a step-by-step process on how exactly to take immediate action with the vast amounts of data collected, and continues to improve its algorithms to create even better outcomes for all participants involved.

CobraVision™ in Action 

Connectivity to your existing Oracle ecosystem:

Our APIs provide an easy insertion into any of your systems that can connect to our APIs. However, we come pre-configured to connect to the Oracle Construction and Engineering Suite of Applications. We can connect CobraVision™ to, and send anomalies along with appropriate metadata, which includes: images, videos, projects, areas, certainty, and urgency, to your existing Unifier instances

Please contact us to learn more about the Cobra Vision AI platform.