What is Metronome?

Metronome is our platform to help organizations effectively manage large-scale projects, by leveraging the power of Scaled Agile. Scaled Agile best practices allow organizations to better respond and adapt to changing market conditions and business priorities.

Our scalable, comprehensive and intuitive platform- Metronome makes adoption of the scaled agile framework a breeze for organizations of all sizes, small to large. Metronome encourages and facilitates better alignment, resulting in increased organizational output and quality through a highly-coordinated environment. Our platform helps transformational organizations gain increased transparency to enable enhanced visibility and monitoring every step of the way.  Metronome orchestrates immediate changes using the scaled agile process, resulting in significant cost savings. No matter what the business goal is—whether to reduce costs, or to bring innovative solutions to market- Metronome:

  • Enables one scalable approach that combines your business processes and the SAFe® agile process into a comprehensive intuitive platform.
  • Is a simple, centralized management tool that aligns your business strategies into the SAFe® agile process to improve planning.
  • Facilitates enhanced visibility that provides a comprehensive view throughout the organization.

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*Scaled Agile Framework and SAFe® are Trademarks of Scaled Agile, Inc.