Affiliate Partner Program

We are excited to introduce Radus Software’s 2018 Affiliate Partner Program!   We kicked this program off earlier this calendar year in response to increased interest from independent contractor and small Agile/Scaled Agile services firms that wanted to differentiate themselves from their Scaled Agile Framework services ‘competition’ through their association with an exciting 3rd party (to them) software tool, Metronome!

How does it Work?

The Radus Software Affiliate Partner Program incents and rewards Affiliates when customers subscribe/license our Metronome- Orchestrated Agile ALM software tool.  If after an Affiliate facilitates and introduce Radus to commercial and public-sector customers, their referrals opt to contract (either directly with us or indirectly through the Affiliate’s ‘paper’) with Radus Software for Metronome licenses and related implementation and integration services, Radus will numerate the Affiliate for a percentage of the billed software and services revenue for up to two years.  This is a great way for small firms to generate revenue for themselves when they promote our incredible ALM Scaled Agile Framework tool!

If they so choose, Affiliates can be very active in the ‘sales’ process after their introductions or they can opt to simply make the intro/referral and then step away.  That is up to them, based on their interest in staying involved combined with their time availability.

Who Makes A Successful Affiliate?

The owners/Principals of small and growing Agile/Scaled Agile service firms are ideal candidates for our Affiliate Partnership Program.  If your services focus is any combination of the following, we would be excited to engage you in a conversation about how to join us as a Radus Software Affiliate Partner:

  • Agile/Scaled Agile Coaching, Consulting and Training
  • Agile transformation

Affiliate Program Benefits

There are a number of benefits for those individuals and teams that join our Affiliate Partnership Program.  The income upside is the single biggest one, but in addition to being able to realize up to 2 years of revenue based on referrals that result in Metronome subscription contracts with commercial and public-sector customers, there are multiple other benefits to our Affiliate Partnership Program.

These include:

  • Increased Scaled Agile services engagements- Training.   As a Gold SAFe Partner, we are getting more and more requests to conduct SAFe training.  Predominantly in Leading SAFe, but also for an occasional SSM, SASM and SPC training program.  Given our interest in wanting to predominantly focus our attention on marketing and supporting our customers and partners who adopt Metronome, we don’t want to scale up our ability to conduct higher amounts of SAFe training.  That is what you want to do!  We are happy to pass on requests for SAFe training- whether it be under existing contracts/’paper’ with customers or simply refer it to you.
  • Increased Scaled Agile services engagements- Consulting and Coaching.  We also receive requests to engage in Agile/Scaled Agile consulting and coaching engagements.  As a Federally focused Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB), Radus Software has won and managed many successful direct and indirect agile and Scaled Agile services engagements since our inception in 2004.  We have several existing contracts through which public sector customers can gain access to our team of SPCs, Agile Coaches and IT professionals.  In many instances, we don’t have enough SMEs to staff these engagements with organic Radus resources, so we turn to our partners to augment our ability to deliver.  This allows our partners to increase their billable revenue!

How to get Started…

  • Contact us!   You can call us at 703 880 6659 or email us at  You can also contact Bill Hocking, our Director of Business Development.  He can be reached at  His direct line is 301 318 6530.  We’d be very excited to explore the possibilities with you!