Program Management and Solution Architecture Support

Radus Provides Technical Support for the Design and Integration of the Corporate Work Plan system with Oracle COTS Products


Prior to Radus involvement, data relating to the CWP system existed in multiple disparate databases. There was lack of integration and data was replicated across multiple databases. The CWP system was a mixture of custom and COTS products developed in different technologies and platforms. This resulted in a stove-piped application with poor system performance and data duplication. 

How Radus Helped

The Radus Team was an integral part of the Strategic Group that worked to build a business case and systems modernization recommendation to streamline manually intensive processes. Our Team reviewed the current challenges with CWP and developed a focused set of functional and technical requirements to evaluate potential technologies against. Radus used a proven methodology to conduct the evaluation and recommended an integrated solution to provide unified data collection, high quality reporting, business process automation, and security. This systems modernization effort will transform the current disparate technologies and data to a streamlined and scalable system.

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