IT Transformation and Project Turnaround

Radus provides project management, application development and solution delivery support to automate $500M in Franchise Agreements and turnaround a failing project.


Like many Federal agencies, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) works with private sector companies to execute their business mission. Franchise Agreements are contracts used to manage these relationships, and annually represent $500 million dollars in work.  Many FAA sub-agencies participate in the review and approval of Franchise Agreements, each with its own manual tracking mechanisms and document management tools. The FAA Office of Budget and Performance recognized the need to automate the process as well as provide a single repository for documents. 

When Radus got involved, the Office of Budget and Performance had just completed their second unsuccessful attempt to automate the Franchise process. There were challenges both with the technology and properly managing the transition from requirements to a solution.

How Radus Helped

Radus worked directly with subject matter experts to identify the system’s core capabilities. Leveraging technology already owned by the FAA, our Team architected and delivered the end-to-end solution, comprised of both COTS tools and custom development.

Radus used an incremental project management approach, dividing the core system functions into distinct development “Sprints”. Each Sprint delivered working functionality that could be deployed independently.  Radus implemented a collaborative online portal for the customer to view the status of development tasks and join in prioritizing changes. This approach provided executive leadership with transparency into project progress and enabled buy-in from business stakeholders ahead of deployment. 

It is estimated that the automated process will save the FAA nearly 4 million dollars in the first five years, and has reduced the time to review and approve Franchise Agreements by 400%.

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