What is ARTA?

ARTA (Adaptive Real Time Analytics) is a mathematical engine that provides real-time statistical processing of very large data sets for the purposes of pre-empting and preventing fraud in the healthcare industry. ARTA allows professionals to start fraud detection workflows within milliseconds and provides automatic notification of suspicious, fraud-like activity.

As new data are added to ARTA, the system grows in its ability to model and becomes smarter in predicting targeted unknowns. Not only can ARTA be configured to facilitate the blocking of payments based on established thresholds, but it can actually adapt and respond to changes in criminal behavior.

ARTA can be purchased as a stand-alone engine (one that is integrated into a customer’s existing systems or applications), or it can be implemented as a turn-key solution.  Radus Software also offers consulting and implementation services as well as post-production support to assist our customers with implementations of ARTA.

Please contact Sudi Sankavaram at sudi.sankavaram@radussoftware.com or 571-403-0196 for more information.