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What is ARTA?

ARTA, Adaptive Real Time Analytics, is a mathematical engine that can provide real-time statistical processing of very large data sets. New modeling coefficients can be generated at any time using any number of historical data references and/or live data feeds. 

As it relates to pre-empting and preventing Fraud, ARTA enables Health Care professionals to start fraud detection workflows within milliseconds and can provide automatic notification of suspicious ‘Fraud-like’ activity.

As new data is added to ARTA, the system grows in its ability to model and actually becomes “smarter” in predicting targeted unknowns.   Historical data can be selected based on a reference time frame or stratified from external factors affecting the appropriateness of use.  Not only can ARTA be architected to facilitate the blocking of payments, based on established thresholds, ARTA actually can adapt to changes in criminal behavior.

As ARTA touches more data, its ability to generate statistically-sound modeling of targeted characteristics is enhanced.  Due to the real-time nature of the engine, new concepts in machine learning and/or what-if processing can be incorporated into decision support.  The ARTA engine will allow Data Analysts to re-think approaches at a fundamental level.

To bring the power of ARTA to the Health Care, Law Enforcement, overall Workforce Optimization and other targeted markets, Radus Software has formed a Joint Venture with Chumley Consulting Services and Cetrest Corporation.  This new organization, ARTA Solutions, is the business entity marketing, architecting, designing and implementing the ARTA framework.

ARTA can be purchased as a stand-alone ‘engine’, one that is integrated into a customer’s existing system/application, or can be designed to be completely turnkey.  ARTA Solutions also offers Consulting (Architecture, planning, design) and implementation services as well as post-production support services to support our customer’s implementations of ARTA.

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